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Erin Long: Promoting Health and Nutritional Wellness
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One of my concerns when I started this business was that I didn't know enough!  But I have found a plethora of resoures right at my fingertips.  One of my favorites is helpful nutritional webinars* on a variety of health topics.  I love to share these with you, so if you have any health questions, let me know that you'd like a webinar and I will forward one on to you! (You can do this by clicking Contact Me.) There is never any fee or pressure to purchase - this is simply a way for you to learn more.  I personally have been helped by listening to one on headaches (for my daughter) as well as one on autoimmune conditions.  

Here is a sample of topics avaialble (and there are plenty more!)

Acid Reflux - Natural Approaches

Thyroid Health

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Hormonal Imbalance

Lyme Disease

Nutrition and the Cancer Patient - Building Healthy Cells with Nutrition

Young at Heart - Secrets to Healthy Aging

Nutritional Support for Child Birth

Life Without Allergies

Smart Heart Solutions

Why Most Diets Don't Work

Optimal Hydration

Inflammatory Skin Conditions

Defeating Diabetes

Mental Health of our Kids

and much more!

*Please note, these webinars do not intend to be a cure or to replace your medical doctor.  Always talk with your doctor before beginning any supplementation program.