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Erin Long: Promoting Health and Nutritional Wellness
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My Shaklee Story

I am so excited to be a part of the Shaklee family!  In fact, as I looked into the products, the integrity of the company, and heard real testimonies from people I actually knew, I signed up to be a distributor before I had even received my first order.  That's how much I believe in Shaklee.
My Family Summer 2015


My Health History

I have struggled with my health for over four years and during that time have not been able to care for my husband and our four children the way that I want to.  Medications relieved some of the pain, but not enough.  After paying for expensive specialist appointments and tests and being told, "I'm sorry. I wish there was something more we could do for you," I knew something had to change.  My kids were growing up fast and I was missing out on activities with them because pain and fatigue had me in bed so much of the time. I decided I had to be my own health advocate.


Aren't They Cute?


My friend Alyssa had tried to introduce me to Shaklee four years ago, but at the time I was still hoping to find relief through medications.  At a recent playdate with our children, Alyssa was sharing with me the difference Shaklee has made in her family's life.  I went home that afternoon thinking, "What if it could make a difference in my life?"  I didn't want to wait four more years before I tried it.  I didn't want to miss out on four more years of my children's lives.  So, after talking with my husband, we decided to go "all in" and not only try the products, but sign up to become a distributor to help pay for the products.  My dreams don't stop there - Alyssa replaced her teacher's income with what she has made from Shaklee, and her business continues to grow, all while she works during her children's naptimes. 


My Four Kids


My Goal

My goal in Shaklee is the same as my life goal: To love God and to love people.  I want to honor God by learning and practicing business in a godly way.  And I want to love people by sharing what Shaklee can do for them.  I am passionate about helping others become healthier and helping moms learn how to stay home with their children while still bringing in an income.  I'm excited to share with you my own journey with Shaklee as I experience less pain and more energy and build my family up by building my own business.

Let me help you begin your Shaklee story today!