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Erin Long: Promoting Health and Nutritional Wellness
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I've been taking Shaklee products for over a month now, so here's an update:

I'm feeling great!  I honestly feel like my health has taken a 180.  I have more energy than I have had in years.  I measure this by how much I can do in a day.  Previously my limit was ONE thing.  That one thing may have been homeschooling.  Or cleaning the house.  Or ONE stop to a store.  Or going to church or a doctor's appointment.  But other than that one thing, I was in bed.

Now, I'm not limited to ONE thing.  Take yesterday, for example.

I took the kids to a local nature center with a friend and walked the trails.  (It was amazing!  We saw a flock of wild turkey and 5 deer!)  I came home and fed the kids lunch.  Then I washed a HUGE pile of dishes.  (That in itself is a miracle - I used to not be able to hand wash dishes without blacking out or needing to take a nap afterward.)  After the dishes, I still felt good, so I homeschooled the kids.  Then my husband came home and I told him I felt so good but I should probably rest because we had a going away party for some dear friends that night.  I "rested" but didn't fall asleep.  Then we went to our friends' house for dinner and the party. 

More than one thing?  You bet!

I'm getting my life back with Shaklee